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Staying Safe When Visiting A Storage Facility

If you intend on placing items inside of a storage unit, you may have some concerns about your safety when you visit the facility to check on your personal items. Here are some tips to help you gain confidence when using this type of service for the holding of your belongings.

Pick Out A Facility With Key Features

It is wise to seek out a facility that offers protective features for customers. Some storage unit facilities have on-site security guards available to patrol grounds, helping to keep any type of unfavorable incident at a minimum. Others have coded key cards available for customers to utilize so that they need to swipe them to access the grounds. Check out a few facilities in the area for camera placement and light fixture positioning before deciding which one you decide to use to rent a unit for storage. 

Park In The Right Area For Less Interaction

If the storage unit you rent has a parking spot right outside of the doorway, back into the allotted space so you are able to see if anyone is coming your way by using your vehicle's side mirrors. This also allows for you to utilize the trunk area of your vehicle for storage without you needing to walk around your vehicle to access it. You also have the opportunity for a fast getaway if needed, since your vehicle is already pointed outward.

If your unit is in an inside location, park your vehicle as close to the doorway to the building as possible. This helps you to move your items without a long distance to do so while giving you the peace of mind that you are able to get to your vehicle quickly should an unfortunate encounter happen while you are on the premises.

Bring Someone With You When Visiting

It is best to visit a storage unit facility with someone else rather than going there on your own. This way, someone is always around to scope out the area around your unit while you go inside to check on your goods. This way, you will not be caught off guard by anyone passing by while you are inside of your unit searching for a particular item. The person you bring along is also available to call for help if needed. 

For more information, contact a storage unit facility near you, such as Coffee's Moving and Storage.

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