Do You Have What It Takes To Move?

Five Tips for Moving Day

Planning a move, whether locally or across the state, is made much easier if you hire movers to load and unload your items. The following five tips will help your movers perform their job quickly and well, so make sure to review them before your moving day.

Tip 1: Don't Pack Around the Movers

Make sure that all of your packing is done before the movers arrive. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to transport heavy furniture and boxes around someone that is wrestling with packing paper and items. While you may have a few last minute items to pack, such as cleaning supplies, make sure all the major packing is complete in advance.

Tip 2: Keep Personal Items Separate

There will likely be some items you don't want loaded onto the truck, particularly if it is a long-distance move. These items might include prescription medications, clothing, and important paperwork. When boxing these up, either take them right out to your car or have a closed off closet — with a clear sign on the door — that contains everything that you do not want the movers to load.

Tip 3: Spread out Heavy Items

It can be all too easy to overload a box with books or kitchen pans when you are in the midst of packing. Unfortunately, the one who will pay the price is the mover that has to lift a heavy box. An overly heavy box can also endanger your items since the box is more likely to break during transport. Spread out the items and you won't have to worry about any of these issues.

Tip 4: Maintain Clear Pathways

Access is the most important thing to maintain during your move. Make sure that you keep all walkways to and from the house, as well as within the house, clear of boxes and furniture during the chaos of packing and moving. Your movers should be able to show up and get right to work, without any need to shift items around in the house first.

Tip 5: Assign a "Manager" to the House

One easily made mistake, particularly for a local move, is for everyone to end up at the new house while the movers are loading up at the old house. This can be very frustrating for movers, who may need to ask you a question. Make sure that you have someone assigned to each house to act as the "manager" for the movers to check in with as needed.

For more help, contact a full-service moving company in your area.

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