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Dumpster Rental Prior To Moving: Tips For Homeowners

It's amazing how quickly things can build up when you live in a home for a few years. The piles of clothing you mean to sort through, extra holiday decorations, and furniture you never got around to refinishing are not things you want to pack up and move to your new home. And while you might be able to donate or sell some of these items, others are sure to be trash. Renting a dumpster is a great way to get rid of all the extra trash before you move. Here are some tips to help you embark on this adventure.

Book your dumpster ahead of time.

Especially if you are moving during peak moving season -- the spring and summer -- you will be competing with a lot of other people for dumpsters. Spring and summer are prime construction season, too, and construction companies account for a lot of dumpster rentals. To ensure you get the right size dumpster exactly when you need it, make sure you call and reserve a dumpster at least a few weeks in advance. The more advanced notice you can give the dumpster company, the better.

Allow yourself enough space.

People have a tendency to underestimate the amount of trash they have. As you start sorting through items, you may find more that you need to throw out. You may also have some debris leftover from small construction projects or landscaping projects you do before moving. So in general, you are better off renting a slightly larger dumpster than you think you need. A 20-yard dumpster is a good standard size for most people with average, 3-bedroom homes. If you have a larger home or a lot of waste, go with a 30-year dumpster. 

Get things ready in advance.

Most dumpster rental companies let you have the dumpster for a certain number of days -- sometimes 5 or 7 -- before they start charging you an extra fee for late pickup. It may take you longer to sort through your items than you think, so start the work before the dumpster is delivered. Get most things you want to throw away upstairs, or maybe in the garage, so you can just carry them out to the dumpster when it is delivered. You don't want to be stuck staying up all night the before the dumpster is picked up just to get it filled.

Schedule the dumpster in advance of the moving truck.

Unless you have an enormous driveway, you probably don't have space for a moving truck and a dumpster at the same time. So, schedule the dumpster to be dropped off at least a week before the moving truck will arrive. This gives you plenty of time to load the dumpster and have it carried away.

Note: Most dumpster companies prefer to drop a dumpster on a paved surface, such as a driveway. If your driveway is not large enough for a dumpster, they may have you sign a waiver against damage if the dumpster is parked in the yard. Make sure you allow for yard cleanup time if this is your situation.

Have friends help you load the dumpster.

Filling the dumpster takes more energy than you might think. The process will go a lot more smoothly with some friends helping. Have one or two people help you sort through items and others help you actually toss items into the dumpster. Make sure you have at least one super-strong friend over to lift the heavy items!

With the tips above, renting a dumpster prior to moving will offer more benefits than struggles. Get in touch with a company that offers dumpster container rental services for more information.

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